Canada's Best Apps

Custom Built Mobile Apps for the tourism & travel industry.
Available on all Android & IOS devices

Build stronger relationships and engage with your customers by accompanying them throughout their entire trip.

Provide your customers with a wealth of information within one intuitive user friendly app.

Improve your customer's travel experiences while expanding your brand visibility and generating revenue.

Apps Tailored To Your Brand And Requirements

Logo, icon, color scheme, and other graphic elements of the app are customized to suit your brand identity.

Comprehensive Travel Guides

Each app includes a complete travel guide containing information on attractions, activities, transport, restaurants, shops, etc.

Integrated Mapping

Powerful built in mapping allows users to easily navigate from their location to your business or any other chosen destination from the travel guide.

Social Media Connectivity

All apps have the capability to feature direct links to your chosen social media sites allowing increased brand visibility.

Call & Book Buttons

Integrated call & book buttons allow users to contact and make bookings directly from the app. This can be used to increase revenue by re-targeting customers and earning commissions on products and services related to your clients bookings.

Ongoing Technical Support

Barber Media ofers content management system training and ongoing technical support for your staff.